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New Units, Tools, and Methods for Teaching K–2 Literacy

The best of all that was offered in the previous editions has been streamlined, clarified, and kept, but the new units are new indeed. Lucy Calkins and her coauthors worked diligently to incorporate all their latest thinking and learning into the new units. This has included much new learning from working shoulder to shoulder with teachers in hundreds of classrooms in the years since the previous editions were published. It also includes all the authors have gleaned from “science of reading” research, new comprehension research, language research, research on knowledge generation, and more—all the research that many aptly term “the sciences of reading.”

Children using the new units with Lucy Calkins.

Our hope is that this new reading and writing series will:

High-Quality, Evidence-Based Curriculum

The Units of Study curriculum grows out of decades of work in schools from every state and many countries. In all those places, the units have been taught, revised, rethought, expanded, and developed. And the results have been consistently positive across all demographic groups. See our Research and Efficacy page for more information.

Cover of AIR Report Interior image of a chart form the Air Report showing positive results.

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