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Back-to-School "Ramp-Up" Units

These modules (previously offered as the 2021 TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum) address what we have observed to be the most important needs of students as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for learning across the 2021–22 school year.

These grade level modules offer an intensive beginning-of-the-year review of previous grade-level content to help all kids have a successful—and joyful—return to in-person learning. Subscriptions are available by grade-level and include reading/phonics, writing, and foundational skill review.

Who Should Consider these Subscriptions?

The "Ramp-Up" units are designed for educators looking for an intensive review of previous-grade reading, writing, and phonics content to start the school year. Use independently or with the Grade-Level Reading and Phonics subscriptions described in Option 1. See the chart below for a list of the virtual units included in these Back-to-School 2021 subscriptions.


A laptop with student minilesson video

Minilesson Videos

These videos are recommended for use by teachers as models for effective, engaging teaching. In addition, teachers in classrooms that will remain virtual may share these videos directly with students.

A laptop with parent minilesson video

Introduction for Teachers and Introduction for Families

Each unit also contains a parent/caregiver video explaining ways to support children's literacy development at home.

Teachers Guide

These pdfs (1 per unit) contain an abbreviated list of the main teaching points and goals for each session as well as all the materials you will need to teach them.

Please Note: No print units of study are required to activate The Back-to-School "Ramp-Up" subscriptions.

Sample Videos

Grade 1 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit: Using Sound Power to Read, Session 2: "Writing More Sounds in Words"

Writing Unit: Writing Invitations, Session 3: "Partners Help Each Other Come up with Ideas"

Skill Review Unit: Building Blocks: HFW, PA & Letter Formation

Grade 2 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit Strengthening Vowel Power to Read, Session 4: "A Spelling Tip from Rasheed"

Writing Unit Writing Teeny Adventures, Session 1: "Finding Story Ideas"

Skill Review Unit Building Blocks: High Frequency Words & Phonological Awareness

Grade 3 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit Using Phonics and Fluency to Bring Characters to Life, Session 12: "Paying Close Attention to How All the Characters React to Problems"

Writing Unit Writing Series Fiction, Session 7: "Writing with Snap Words"

Skill Review Unit Skill Review Unit: Building Blocks: HFW and PA

Grade 4 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit Reading Series Fiction, Session 1: "Building a Powerful Reading Life"

Reading/Phonics Unit Biography Book Clubs, Session 6: "Talking Like an Expert: Using Key Vocabulary"

Writing Unit Information Writing from Topics of Expertise, Session 1: "Supporting Idea Generation with Topics of Personal Expertise"

Grade 5 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit Reading Series Fiction, Session 3: "If You Lose Meaning, Go Back and Reread"

Reading/Phonics Unit Reading Nonfiction to Grow Knowledge, Session 1: "Drawing on Our Funds of Knowledge"

Writing Unit Narrative to Argument Writing, Session 1: "Read Aloud: Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut by Derrick Barnes"

Grade 6 "Ramp-Up" Units

Reading/Phonics Unit Writing about Reading and Fiction Book Clubs, Session 5: "How to Read Well from the Start: Noting Characters"

Reading/Phonics Unit Reading Nonfiction to Grow Knowledge, Session 6: "Crowdsourcing Knowledge with Our Community"

Writing Unit Narrative to Argument Writing, Session 3: "Telling the Story from the Inside"


Ordering Information

Planning Support/Terms and Conditions

  • Each teacher who will use the 2021-22 Virtual Teaching Resources must have his or her own subscription that will be valid for use only with his or her own students. Subscriptions are not shareable or transferrable.
  • All Ramp-Up subscriptions may be activated beginning on July 26, 2021 (or the purchase date if purchased after July 26) and will end on November 19, 2021.
  • Purchases of subscriptions made after the start date will not be prorated.
  • The email address you supply with your order is the email to which Heinemann will send the subscription activation code(s) for your order. For school or district orders, that person must be prepared to receive, distribute, and track subscription activation codes.
  • Returns and exchanges of subscription activation codes will be accepted prior to activation and must be requested by September 30, 2021 or within two weeks of receipt of your order, whichever is later.
  • Unlike the grade-level Reading and Phonics Virtual Teaching Resources, the “Ramp-Up” units do not require the use of the print Units of Study.
  • Required and recommended trade books: Teachers will need copies of specific trade books to teach some of the virtual units, along with enough books to support a high volume of student reading across all units. See the Required and Recommended Trade Books List for complete details on necessary trade books and additional recommended titles and series you may wish to consider as you provision classrooms.

Order Forms for All 2021-22 Virtual Teaching Resources

The order forms below list all the available 2021-22 Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources. See the “Option 2” section for the Back-to-School “Ramp-Up” subscriptions. To purchase online with a credit card, click on the subscription thumbnail images below.

Grades 1–6 "Ramp-Up" Virtual Teaching Resources

Trade Book Packs

Additional Virtual Teaching Resources

For information on the Grade-Level Reading and Phonics subscriptions and supplemental freestanding virtual modules, visit the Virtual Teaching Resources 2021-22 webpage.