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Conferring with Primary Writers (CD-ROM)
by Lucy Calkins, Amanda Hartman, & Zoë White

A practical reference and a dynamic staff development tool for Units of Study for Primary Writing

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One-to-one conferences are at the heart of the process approach to teaching writing. While they appear to be warm, informal conversations, conferences are in fact highly principled teaching interactions, carefully designed to move writers along learning pathways. Building on the transcripts of 61 live-from-the-classroom conferences (with Lucy's coaching commentary) Conferring with Primary Writers CD-ROM models effective conferring practices and creates a forum to reflect on this crucial strategy in the teaching of primary writers.

A Practical Reference

Referenced at point of use in each Unit of Study, the 61 conference transcripts on this easy-to-sort CD-ROM directly support the conferring strand in Units of Study for Primary Writing. Delivered in an electronic format (pdf files), these conference transcripts (260 printable pages) mirror the structure of the conferences in The Conferring Handbook. Taking advantage of the CD-ROM's technical capabilities, educators can sort conferences by A Dynamic Staff Development Tool

Conferring with Primary Writers' nimble sorting feature addresses a host of professional development needs. It allows educators to:

  • locate and access the rich content in all of the conference transcripts (ideal for targeting specific teaching needs and techniques)
  • isolate and group individual conference components (ideal for comparisons across and between conferences)
  • modify and adapt transcripts into customized study guides (ideal for conferring with students or structuring study groups)

In shuffling, slicing and recategorizing conferences Conferring with Primary Writers will help you apply the principles and theories of conducting effective conferences the real world of classroom teaching.

For more details on how this dynamic resource can be used read A Letter from Lucy

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