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(Complete Units of Study Package)
Lucy Calkins & Colleagues
from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Lucy Calkins and her colleagues have helped hundreds of thousands of teachers become experts in the teaching of writing. Now they have written an unprecedented series of books on Units of Study for a yearlong writing curriculum.

Get easy access to the magic of their teaching. Enjoy minute-by-minute, live-from-the-classroom coaching as Lucy and colleagues show you how to refine your lessons to meet the needs of the curious minds that you teach. In each Unit of Study, these teacher/authors detail their goals, share the assessment rubric that guides their practice, and even provide the exact words of their teaching.

The Overview/Introduction: 7 Units of Study: The Conferring Handbook
by Lucy Calkins, Zoë Ryder White, Amanda Hartman, and the Units of Study for Primary Writing Co-Authors

Resources for Primary Writing: A CD-ROM of supporting print and video material
by Lucy Calkins and Beth Neville

Research Base 8.5x11 format | 11x17 format
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