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(Complete Units of Study Package)

Lucy Calkins & Colleagues
from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Units of Study for Teaching Writing, Grades 3-5 offers crystal–clear advice on how to lead strong, efficient writing workshops in upper-elementary classrooms. Organized within a carefully crafted spiraling curriculum, these six sequential units of study help you teach narrative and expository writing with increasing power and intimacy. Like Units of Study for Primary Writing, this series provides minute-by-minute, live-from-the-classroom coaching as Lucy teaches students how to write with greater clarity and focus. By detailing the way Lucy teaches writing—the choices she makes (or could make), the theories and experience she draws on, and the resources she uses-each unit of study will enable you to extrapolate guidelines and methods so that you will feel ready to invent your own clear, sequenced, vibrant instruction in writing.


The Overview/Introduction

6 Units of Study Everyday Support Research Base 8.5x11 format | 11x17 format
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