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Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources, K-8

Available by Subscription for the 2020-2021 School Year

To support Units of Study teachers with blended or virtual teaching, Lucy Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project colleagues have developed resources to be used with the Units of Study in reading, writing, and phonics.



Student-Facing Minilesson Videos

Nearly 1,500 student-facing minilesson videos across the Units of Study in reading, writing, and phonics. With these videos TCRWP staff developers will be "co-teachers" with you—they teach the minilessons on camera, freeing you up for the heart of the teaching: the live conversations, conferring, small group work, and shares you'll manage with your students.

A laptop with lesson video and associated print resources.

Video Support for Teachers and Parents/Caregivers

A set of very brief videos for teachers are interspersed throughout the unit that suggest and explain adaptations to the units. Each unit also contains a short parent/caregiver video explaining ways to support each child's literacy development across the weeks of the unit.

Quick Guide to Virtual Teaching for the Units of Study

A Quick Guide to Virtual Teaching for the Units of Study, guidance on virtual workshop essentials and best practices, support for setting up routines and systems, and tips for planning and filming your own virtual teaching (PDF)

Units Included for Each Grade Level and Series

TCRWP 2020–21 Suggested Scope and Sequence

Each year the TCRWP publishes a recommended sequence of units for the year ahead. This year the recommended sequence reflects an awareness of the interrupted schooling that we all experienced in Spring 2020, but also recognizes that we don’t yet have any firm understanding of what 2020–21 will bring. The virtual teaching resources have been developed to support TCRWP’s 2020-21 suggested scope and sequence. This sequence is designed to meet teachers and students where they are and help them to quickly gain momentum in supported ways as they navigate virtual and blended environments.

The 2020–21 Suggested Sequence sometimes calls for teachers to start the year with the last unit from the previous grade and sometimes includes new units which we call Curricular Calendar units. Access to digital versions of both those types of units will be provided with the grade-level subscriptions. The 2020–21 sequence also calls for some of the units that are available for purchase outside the core Units of Study curriculum. For details on those recommended units, please see pages 4–6 in this booklet—also referenced in the ordering information on pages 9–10.

Platform Demo Video

Preview the Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources platform.


Sample Videos


Student Facing Minilessons

Teacher Support

Parent/Caregiver Support


Student-Facing Minilessons

Teacher Support

Parent/Caregiver Support


Student-Facing Minilessons

Teacher Support

Parent/Caregiver Support

Spanish Language Minilesson Videos

Ordering Information

As you plan your Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources order, please be sure to consider:

Subscription Details

  • Subscriptions are available by grade-level and series (reading, writing, and phonics each offered separately); accessible for the 2020–21 school year (July 20, 2020 – July 19, 2021).
  • Volume Discount: Order 50 or more subscriptions and save 15%. Offer valid only on subscriptions. Okay to mix and match grade levels and series.
  • Subscriptions are not shareable. Each subscription includes access to resources for one teacher and up to 75 of that teacher’s own students in grades K–5 (this number is designed to accommodate departmentalized intermediate-grade classrooms), and for one teacher and up to 150 of that teacher’s own students in grades 6–8.
  • TCRWP Virtual Teaching Resources subscriptions are available ONLY to users of the Units of Study who have active Online Resource accounts and who have registered their print Units of Study books in their Online Resource accounts. Educators will be required to register their print units before they will be able to access corresponding UOS Virtual Teaching Resources (detailed instructions on how to register are included in the frontmatter of the print Guides and Unit Books).
  • Units included in each UOS Virtual Teaching Resources Subscription were chosen based on the TCRWP 2020–21 Suggested Sequence, also taking into account how readily each unit could be adapted for virtual teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

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