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Units, Tools, and Methods for Teaching Reading and Writing

A Workshop Curriculum - Grades K-8

Lucy Calkins

Dear Teachers,
I couldn't be more delighted to be sharing this work with you. It is the understatement of a lifetime to say that Units of Study grow out of years of work in thousands of classrooms. This series also grows out of the greatest minds and most beautiful teaching that I've seen anywhere. To write the Units of Study, we have done what teachers throughout the world do all the time. We’ve taken all that we know—the processes, sequences, continua, books, levels, lessons, methods, principles, strategies…the works—and we've made a path for children, a path that draws all we know into a cohesive, organic progression. Our hope is that this path brings children along to the place where they can write clearly and skillfully and read flexibly and joyfully—and can live together as caring, thoughtful readers and writers.Lucy Calkins

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