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Jump Rope Readers

Fiction and NEW Nonfiction Decodable Books

Hear more about the Jump Rope Readers progression across fiction and nonfiction!

The Jump Rope Readers are a series of decodable books that are just right for beginning readers. Like other decodable texts, they offer a progression of skill building as well as plenty of opportunities to practice those skills.

What makes the Jump Rope Readers stand out from other decodable texts are the engaging stories and fabulous illustrations that show the beautiful diversity of our world, making them a welcome addition to classrooms!

Four Key Qualities of Beginner Books

Four Key Qualities of Beginner Books: Interesting, Representative, Comprehensible, Instructive

Influential reading researchers Richard Anderson and Freddy Hiebert described the key qualities that educators should look for in books for beginning readers in a report they wrote for the National Academy of Education. They wrote:

"Writing the first selections a child will read is a difficult balancing act. Ideally, the selections will be:

Of course, a quality that underlies all of this is representation. When books are an accurate reflection of our beautifully diverse world, children find them considerably more interesting and comprehensible, so we added that foundational idea to the list of essential priorities that informed the development of the Jump Rope Readers series.

Instructive Content

Like all decodable books, the Jump Rope Readers start off simple, then gradually grow in complexity as more phonics content is added. The books follow a scope and sequence of letter-sound correspondences and high-frequency words that aligns with the phonics progression behind the Units of Study—and this same progression, or one quite similar to it, informs most other phonics programs as well.

CVC Words > Blends and Digraphs > Silent E > Vowel Teams > R-Controlled Vowels > Dipthongs > Multisyllabic Words

Within this progression, the texts don't introduce every letter-sound correspondence in the English language (there are over two hundred), but rather focus on those letter-sound correspondences that occur most frequently in print, providing kids with an efficient path toward more advanced reading.

Overall, the scope and sequence offers a steady "ramp" into early trade books. By the time students have finished the last Jump Rope Reader, they'll have lots of letter-sound correspondences under their belts, and they'll be ready to tackle familiar series such as Fly Guy, Yasmin, Henry and Mudge, or Sofia Martinez. Ready, that is, for a deep dive into the wider world of children's literature.

To view the Scope and Sequence for the titles within each set, check out the Series Overview (pages 10 & 12).

Series Components

About the Jump Rope Readers

The Jump Rope Readers are a series of engaging and diverse decodable books that captivate beginning readers. As you explore the Jump Rope Readers fiction books, you'll notice the books are arranged into different series, each starring a distinctive main character that students will enjoy getting to know. We meet these familiar characters again as they make special guest appearances in later fiction books, and then in each nonfiction book where they invite children to explore high-interest social studies and science topics inspired by story elements from the fiction series.

Each fiction book introduces new phonics features and high-frequency words to help students build skills. After kids have read several fiction books, they can read a matching set of nonfiction books that give them opportunities to practice the same words and letter-sound correspondences while learning about new content in a new genre.

Together, all of the Jump Rope Readers provide a progression of skill building and supportive practice that allows students to gradually improve their skills as the step up towards the ultimate goal of reading confidently and fluently.

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Decoding is an essential part of learning to read, and the decodable books that you give to your students can make all the difference. lf we want kids to become strong readers, they need plenty of practice with books that interest and motivate them.

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