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Introducing the Digital Components of the New Units of Study in Reading and Writing, K–2


Thank you for choosing the new Units of Study, grades K-2, for reading and/or writing. Both the Online Resources included with every core set and the Premium Digital Subscriptions for the new units will be hosted on a brand-new platform that will organize digital content all in one place and allow administrators to monitor and manage teachers’ access.

The login screen.
The dashboard screen.
The product list screen.
The table of contents screen.

Digital Content Overview

Online Resources (included with the core units sets) offer digital access to:

Premium Digital Content (available by subscription to users of the core units sets) includes:

Digital content related to previous editions will remain available on

Managing Access to Online Resources and Premium Digital Subscriptions

Administrators will receive a follow up email letting them know that digital resources are ready to be distributed to teachers (this message will be sent to the email you provided when you placed your order). The administrators who receive this follow up email will be responsible for assigning licenses to teachers for the included Online Resources as well as any Premium Digital Subscriptions that may have been ordered. Note that these two access categories must be assigned separately.

Please be sure to bookmark this webpage and check back for more important details, including:

Contact Us

For any questions, please reach out to Heinemann Tech Support, Customer Service, your local Heinemann sales rep, or email .