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Summer School Units of Study 2022 Curriculum

Reading * Writing * Phonics
For Rising Grades 1-6, available by subscription

The Summer School Units of Study for rising Grades 1–6 are designed specifically for teachers with background in workshop teaching to help them bring the responsive tools and methods they use all year long into their summer school classrooms to help kids prepare for the year ahead.

The units offer students the intense tutoring and support they need to engage as members of lively, literate summer school communities. Digital minilessons allow teachers flexibility in how they teach. They may use the minilesson videos to introduce what’s being taught each day to the class and then focus their energy and attention on conferences and small group work during independent work time, or they may use the videos as models for their own teaching of minilessons.


Each of the grade-level subscriptions in the TCRWP Summer School Curriculum includes the following:

Student-Facing Minilesson Videos

All of the minilessons in these new units have been video recording by TCRWP Staff Developers.

Intro Videos for Teachers and Caregivers

A short introductory video and planning chart at the beginning of each unit offer teachers guidance. Each unit also includes a Parent/caregiver video.

Downloadable Resources

Any resources referenced in the videos are available to download. Assessment resources include virtual on-demands and more.

Planning Guidelines

Units Included for Each Grade-Level Subscription

This chart lists the unit titles included in the TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum for each grade.

For detailed descriptions of the units that make up each grade-level subscription, please see the Overview. Note that all units in the grade-level curriculum are also available as individual modules to support flexible implementation.

Daily Schedule

This chart demonstrates suggested daily schedules for the Virtual Summer School Curriculum, including a schedule for Rising Grade 1–Rising Grade 3 and two schedule options for Rising Grade 4–Rising Grade 6.

Sample Videos

Student Minilesson Videos

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Teacher Videos and Parent/Caregiver Videos

Parent/Caregiver Introduction
Rising Grade 2 Writing Unit:
Writing Teeny Adventures


Teacher Introduction
Rising Grade 1 Writing Unit:
Writing Invitations


Parent/Caregiver Introduction
Rising Grade 4 Reading/Phonics Unit:
Biography Book Clubs


Teacher Introduction
Rising Grade 3 Writing Unit:
Writing Series Fiction


Parent/Caregiver Introduction
Rising Grade 5-6 Writing Unit:
Narrative to Argument Writing


Teacher Introduction
Rising Grade 4-5 Reading Unit:
Reading Series Fiction


Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering Information

Please review all the Subscription Details below before requesting a quote and placing an order.

An accurate recipient email address for your order is required—the email address provided will receive the subscription activation codes when the order is fulfilled. This recipient will be responsible for distributing the codes to teachers and for keeping a record of who received the codes in case there are any future questions.

Subscription Details

Please read the entire Summer School Subscriptions Terms and Conditions and be sure to note the following information:

Purchasing Options

To place a preorder with a credit card, please purchase on the Heinemann website via the links below.

Grade-Level Subscriptions

Grade-Level Trade Book Packs

Additional Units and Companion Library Shelves