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New Virtual Units that are aligned to the TCRWP 2021-22 Suggested Sequence

Each year TCRWP publishes a recommended sequence of units for the year ahead. This year some of the units in that sequence are only available in digital format. Those units are available for individual purchase as school-year subscriptions. Choose these only if you do not choose the Grade-Level Reading and Phonics Subscriptions in Option 1 (where these units are also included).

Who Should Consider these Subscriptions?

These subscriptions are ideal for schools who will follow the TCRWP 2021-22 Suggested Sequence.

Note: these new virtual units are also included in the grade-level subscriptions described in the Grade-Level Reading and Phonics Subscriptions in Option 1.

Sample Videos

Gr 2 Reading, Growing Word-Solving Muscles, Session 1: "Readers Make Mind Movies!"

Gr 3 Reading, Series, Session 2: "Read as if Books Are Gold"

Gr 3 Writing, Baby Lit Essay, Session 3: "Writers Draft More Than One Idea, Raising the Level of Their Work with Specific Text Evidence"

Gr 3 Writing, Writing about Research, Session 1: "Observing Pictures and Videos to Generate Ideas"

Gr 4 Reading, Detail and Synthesis, Session 1: "Taking Stock of the Work You Do as a Fiction Reader"


Ordering Information

Planning Support/Terms and Conditions

  • Each teacher who will use the 2021-22 Virtual Teaching Resources must have his or her own subscription that will be valid for use only with his or her own students. Subscriptions are not shareable or transferrable.
  • All freestanding subscriptions may be activated beginning on July 26, 2021 (or the purchase date if purchased after July 26) and will end on June 30, 2021.
  • Purchases of subscriptions made after the start date will not be prorated.
  • The email address you supply with your order is the email to which Heinemann will send the subscription activation code(s) for your order. For school or district orders, that person must be prepared to receive, distribute, and track subscription activation codes.
  • Returns and exchanges of subscription activation codes will be accepted prior to activation and must be requested by September 30, 2021 or within two weeks of receipt of your order, whichever is later.
  • Unlike the grade-level Reading and Phonics Virtual Teaching Resources, these modules do not require the use of the print Units of Study.
  • Required and recommended trade books: Teachers will need copies of specific trade books to teach some of the virtual units, along with enough books to support a high volume of student reading across all units. See the Required and Recommended Trade Books List for complete details on necessary trade books and additional recommended titles and series you may wish to consider as you provision classrooms.

Order Forms for All 2021-22 Virtual Teaching Resources

The order forms below list all the available 2021-22 Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources. See the “Option 4” section for these virtual modules. To purchase online with a credit card, click on the subscription thumbnail images below.

Order Online

Additional Virtual Teaching Resources

For information on the Grade-Level Reading and Phonics subscriptions and supplemental freestanding virtual modules, visit the Virtual Teaching Resources 2021-22 webpage.