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Research and Results

American Institutes for Research Study

The American Institutes for Research (AIR), a not-for-profit, independent research firm based in the greater Washington, D.C., area, has completed the first objective, rigorous, quasi-experimental study of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s reading and writing workshop and Units of Study curriculum.

The study used publicly-available aggregate state English Language Arts (ELA) data—spanning up to 10 years for some schools—and showed that beginning in Year 2 of program use, TCRWP implementation was associated with statistically significant positive effects on state ELA test scores. In addition, this difference became larger as time passed, suggesting positive cumulative effects of use of the TCRWP approach.

Educators in the AIR Study Describe their Experiences

Heinemann had the opportunity to visit some of the New York City treatment schools who participated in the study.
After just four months of implementation, we met school educators and observed classrooms, and we documented some of that experience in this video.


Research Base

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a think tank that has long built its ideas and practices off of established and new research. Download the Research Base document for a summary of some of TCRWP’s key beliefs and practices as well as some of the research that informs those beliefs and practices.

Data Reports

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project works with thousands of schools and districts around the nation and around the world. Periodically the Project publishes reports documenting the performance of these schools. The following Data Reports provide information on student performance in schools that work with the TCRWP.

These state-specific reports look at testing data in TCRWP schools in a variety of ways, including tracing growth over time, investigating the performance of English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students, and comparing TCRWP schools with other schools overall. Note: The TCRWP is currently analyzing data for a number of specific locations. Check back for additional reports coming soon.

Case Studies

In these documents, the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project focuses a spotlight on a selection of New York City and Wisconsin schools that have benefited from their relationship with the Project. See their journeys—the early challenges and careful tending required to ensure all students are growing as readers and writers, regardless of background or circumstance. As one principal put it, "You have to believe in the work. If you can’t put your heart completely into it, don’t bother."